Gammadda simply is an initiative for the people by our people. For decades Sri Lankans have suffered and have waited for someone to help them, provide the necessities they very badly require. One person or one government cannot fulfill their wishes. This is where News 1st jumped into action and began the Gammadda initiative. It has become Sri Lanka’s largest ongoing humanitarian initiative in its history both in terms of its reach and diversity of projects.

United Nations Humanitarian Summit appreciated Gammadda for its unique and effective style of helping Sri Lankans. Every year men and women of News 1st travel to the far corners of the nation ignored by political bodies because they believe that the key to Sri Lanka’s development lies in the majority of rural folks. The people are questioned as to what they need and what requirements they are missing in their daily lives. It could be water sources, roads, light towers, power and in some cases, a cemetery.

Gammadda relies on funding by fellow Sri Lankans who wish to help Sri Lanka become a better place for the next generation. The money donated is spent on fulfilling the people’s needs.

Gammadda – For many, it is not just a word but it became their world.

After decades of facing hardships, decades of broken promises for a better life, being forced to survive and not being given the basic needs which any mere human would expect.

Like a home to live, food and clean water to survive, education is not an option it’s a right. Everyone’s right. Sri Lanka being continuously offered chances of development is sad to say only benefit a very small number of people.

That is where as a media-focused business we break the stereotypical picture and paint a new one.